Blockchain Data Analytics Built on Web3

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512x512_explore depths of blockchain data

Explore the depths of Blockchain data

Extract valuable insights about NFTs, DeFi, Crypto & more.

Join a community of Web3 data professionals

Collaborate with data professionals from all around the world.

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Unlock valuable insights with your crew

Collaborate on complex projects to extract more valuable insights.

Get rewarded for the value you create

Build data assets that generate long term rewards.

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How it works

  • Join the community to discover Data Missions.
  • Complete Data Missions with your Ocean Missions crew.
  • Publish data assets on Ocean Market.
  • Collect rewards.

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Founding Values

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Wisdom of the Crowd

We are more effective when we collaborate as a collective.

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Do good work

Follow your moral compass and create value.

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Seek Truth

Be willing to adapt when presented with better information.