Ocean Protocol Logo with Purple Glow

After being strong believers in the mission and values of Ocean Protocol we wanted to understand how and where significant market traction for Ocean Protocol might be adopted first. 

This led to the idea of focusing on on-chain and Web3 related data. While this is not the only valid go to market approach for Ocean Protocol, we believe there are enough reasons why it’s worth pursuing. 

We are building a community alongside Ocean Protocol which helps you create and publish your own on-chain & Web3 related data assets. We want to help you find buyers for your data assets so that together we can get Ocean Protocol up and running within the on-chain/Web3 data space. 

For now, data assets we create will be uploaded to Ocean Market but soon Ocean Missions will have a marketplace focused on Web3 & on-chain data assets.

Links to the background work which led to Ocean Missions can be found here.