Data Token Airdrop FAQ

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What are data tokens?

Data tokens are ERC20 tokens just like many other crypto tokens. You can store and send them from your crypto wallet. Unlike most crypto tokens, data tokens allow you to unlock access to data.

What data tokens will I get?

Airdrops will be automatically matched to the crypto assets you hold in your wallet.

For example, if you’re an NFT holder, you’re automatically qualified for airdrops which unlock insights about NFTs!

What can I do with my airdropped data tokens?

Airdropped data tokens allow you to unlock insights hiding within on-chain data.

For example, a data scientist may analyse on-chain data to find buy signals for trending NFT collections. They could give you 1 week’s free access to their NFT buy recommendations by airdropping you 1 data token. If you like what you see (and the price is right) you could choose to purchase 1 month or 1 year’s access to these buy signals.

Our goal is to help connect data asset creators and consumers through airdrops and provide you with more information about quality data assets.

When will I get them?

Once you register data tokens can be airdropped to you at any point. You can unsubscribe from these airdrops at any time.

Why is Ocean Missions doing this?

By increasing the number of registrations we can increase the number and quality of on-chain data assets available on Ocean Protocol by providing data publishers with an easier way to access potential buyers.