How to Purchase Data Packs on Ocean Market


Data Packs can be purchased directly from Web3 Data Marketplace, Ocean Market.

Purchasing Data Packs is simple if your wallet is already set up on the Polygon Network.

If not, don’t worry. We’ve broken down the steps you need to get set up below. If you’re already set up, you can skip to the bottom of the page.

Set up

Step 1: Install compatible Web3 wallet (e.g. Metamask)

Step 2: Add the Polygon network to Metamask

Step 3: Add custom token (mOcean) to your polygon account on Metamask

Step 4: Send $MATIC and $mOcean to your account

You need a small amount of $MATIC for the transaction fees and the right amount of $mOcean tokens for the purchase.

a. You can buy $Ocean tokens on exchanges like binance.

b. Then bridge them from the Ethereum network to the Polygon Network.

c. Then swap your mOcean tokens for Matic tokens using the Polygon Wallet (less than a dollar will do).

How to Purchase a Data Pack on Ocean Market

Once you’ve completed the setup you are now ready to purchase a data pack on Ocean Market.

Purchase and Access Data Packs on Ocean Market