How to upload data assets to Ocean Market

Publish a data asset on Ocean market

Tutorial Overview

Uploading a data asset requires you to sign a few transactions which requires gas and can get expensive when gas fees are high. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to upload a data asset to Ocean Market using the Polygon (MATIC) network which will only cost you a few cents.

Ocean Market supports other networks too (e.g. ETH, BSC…). If you’re wanting to use one of these networks you can still follow the structure of this tutorial as the steps for those networks are very similar.

Getting Ready

For this tutorial you will need:

  • URL pointing to the data you want to upload. Don’t have one? Click here.
  • URL pointing to a sample of the data you want to upload
  • OCEAN or mOCEAN tokens
  • ETH &/or MATIC tokens
  • Metamask (or another wallet Ocean Market supports)

How to get yourself setup on the Polygon (MATIC) Network 

  1. Add the Polygon (MATIC) main network to your metamask wallet.
  2. Get yourself some MATIC tokens from an exchange.
  3. Send them to your MATIC wallet on Metamask with the MATIC network selected.
  4. Swap some of your MATIC for mOCEAN using Quickswap (a few dollars will do).
  5. You should now have MATIC and mOCEAN tokens in your metamask wallet with the MATIC network selected.

How to upload your data asset to Ocean Market

Go to and select the Polygon network.

Select polygon network on ocean market

Log in to your Metamask wallet and make sure it’s on ‘Polygon Mainnet’.

Connect metamask to Ocean Market

Click connect wallet and select Metamask.

Click Publish and start filling in the information which will help potential buyers know whether or not they should purchase your data asset.

Publish a data asset on Ocean market

Add the links to your data and the sample data.

Fill in the remaining fields and include tags that will make it easier for buyers to find. If your data asset is Web3 related add the tag ‘ocean-missions’ so we can help you sell it.

Hit ‘Submit’ and wait while the data asset gets ready for publishing.

You will need to sign some transactions with your metamask wallet to create the token. If the transactions fail try increasing the gas (see 2:16 in the video above).

Select ‘FIXED’ to create a fixed price data asset (the price will be fixed in Ocean tokens).


You will need to sign some more transactions in Metamask and this process can take some time.

Click confirm to add your newly created data token to your Metamask wallet.

Share your data asset with the world.

Creating a Variable Priced Data Asset on Ocean Market

We just showed you how to create a fixed price data asset on Ocean Market.

If you want to create a variable priced data asset, many of the steps are the same; you will just need a few more mOCEAN tokens to create the initial liquidity pool. 

You should also consider starting with a testnet (e.g. Rinkeby) if you’re unsure about anything and don’t want to risk of paying to figure things out.