Ocean Missions – Update 1

build data assets

This is a progress update for Ocean Missions, an Ocean DAO grants initiative.

What is Ocean Missions?

Ocean Missions is a project promoting the usage and adoption of Ocean Protocol through on-chain data assets. We do this by on-boarding new users, and connecting buyers and sellers of on-chain data assets.

We believe on-chain data provides the lowest barrier to entry for wider adoption of Ocean protocol and data assets.

How are things going?

Ocean Missions was first conceived of as an idea in late September 2021. The first iteration of the website launched in October to test the concept and was followed by the launch of the Discord server at the beginning of November.

Throughout this time we have been on-boarding data scientists, developers and community members to begin working with on-chain data and creating data assets.

Here’s some of the things we achieved so far

Data missions complete1
$ data assets traded$500 USDC
Data missions currently being worked on2
Total data missions5
Discord members joined90
Twitter followers511
Website unique visitors1,048
% returning website visitors10%

Here are the blog posts we published & shared

What’s next?

Following the public release of Ocean Missions we have since identified new areas for improvement and growth. Three core initiatives have emerged from this as highlighted below.

  1. Learn Module – Tutorials working with on-chain data

We realised the need for tutorials focussed on working with on-chain data after speaking with a number of data scientists and developers. As this is still a new area for most people, we see this as a great way to help the community and on-board new users. 

We have since started developing our Learn module further with the intention of turning it into a series of tutorials showing you how to create on-chain based data assets and upload them to Ocean Market.

We have received 20 registrations to the waitlist for our first tutorial ‘Working with DeFi data’. We have additional contributors lined up to create further tutorials (e.g. ‘Working with NFT data’) which will begin once we have feedback from the DeFi tutorial.

  1. Maiden Voyage – Community data mission

We are about to kick off a community led data mission on the Ocean Missions discord. This will help us bring the community together to build out an initial use case. 

We want to work through the process of building data assets with the community and identify areas where this can be improved. 

  1. Data Marketplace – Discovery

We want to continue developing a go to market strategy for a data marketplace focussed on on-chain data assets. 

This will build upon our learnings from connecting data buyers to providers and our community building activities.

If you’d like to get involved with the development of Ocean Missions or any of these initiatives please come and say hi on Discord!