Ocean Missions-Update 2

build data assets

This is a progress update for Ocean Missions, an Ocean DAO grants initiative.

What’s next?

In December we started to activate more Ocean Missions members and Data Missions. We want to continue increasing the number of active data missions and data mission members throughout January and beyond.

We also identified the need to create a Web3 focussed data marketplace and will begin laying the ground work to build and release this.

  1. Product Management

We will be on-boarding some product managers into the Ocean Missions Discord who can help to identify areas for new Data Missions and begin building crews around them.

  1. Maiden Voyage – Community data mission

The team who will begin working on this mission in January will be confirmed within the next week.  

  1. Data Marketplace – Discovery

Following our go to market approach for a Web3 data marketplace we will build an on-boarding funnel for Web3 data buyers and suppliers on Web3Access.org.

This will help to attract new data missions by reaching out to potential data buyers and seeing what Web3/on-chain data they want. This can act as a funnel for on-boarding new data missions into the Ocean Missions community. It will also help provide existing Ocean Missions members with a dedicated channel to sell their data assets through.

If you’d like to get involved with the development of Ocean Missions or any of these initiatives please come and say hi on Discord!

Here is the content we published and shared in December

Here’s some of the things we achieved so far

Data missions complete2
$ data assets traded$550 USDC
Data missions currently being worked on2
Total data missions6
Discord members joined107
Twitter followers523
Website unique visitors1,198
% returning website visitors10%