Ocean Missions Update – 4

build data assets

This is a progress update for Ocean Missions, an Ocean DAO grants initiative.

February was quieter than January due to me returning to New Zealand to visit friends and family. Unfortunately we didn’t secure a grant for R14 either but we kept pushing forward towards our objectives.

We began our data marketplace discovery work, recorded 3 new episodes of the Ocean Missions Campfire Podcast (will be released in March) and continued receiving registrations for our data token airdrops.

What’s next?

We will be publishing the Ocean Missions Campfire podcast to all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes etc) and releasing 3 new episodes recorded with Algovera, DataUnion and 2 Data Scientists who have been exploring on-chain data.

We will also be testing our initial data marketplace concept with data scientists and developers to learn what factors are most interesting and motivating for them.

If you’d like to get involved with the development of Ocean Missions or any of these initiatives please come and say hi on Discord!

Here’s some of the things we achieved so far

Data missions complete2
$ data assets traded$550 USDC
Data missions currently being worked on4
Total data missions8
Discord members joined-2129
Twitter followers+28668
Website unique visitors+3592,070
% returning website visitors+0.611.1%