What is Ocean Missions?

What is Ocean Missions?

Ocean Missions is a community of data professionals extracting valuable insights about NFTs, DeFi & Cryptocurrency from blockchain data. 

It’s built on a key idea. The idea that those who build data assets (e.g. data sets and algorithms) own them and sell access to them via Ocean Protocol

How does it work?

Join Ocean missions and start looking for interesting projects to work on. 

You may decide to work on a project which is targeting a blockchain you’re interested in, or you could choose to suggest a project targeting a new use case that hasn’t been explored yet. 

Once you have selected the project (or ‘mission’) you want to work on, it becomes very similar to a regular data project. You start collaborating with your team (or working independently) and begin building the tools and resources you need to achieve your objective(s). 

Once the data asset is complete (dataset or algorithm), you and your team publish it on Ocean Market

This process generates new Data Tokens for your data asset which you and your team can distribute however you choose. 

Data tokens gate access to data assets based on the terms set by the publisher(s). Your data set or algorithm is hosted wherever you decide. 

When a user purchases access to your data asset, they spend your data token. This decrypts a URL which is stored on the blockchain and unlocks access to the data asset for the purchaser.

The data tokens are ERC20 tokens so you can send and store them in the same way as other ERC20 assets (for example, using Metamask). 

You and your team can continue working on your data assets after publishing, increasing their value over time.

Why should I join the Ocean Missions community?

You get to work among a community of data professionals exploring the depths of Blockchain data and own the data assets you build.

The goal of Ocean Missions is to operate like a blockchain analytics company externally and a co-operative internally. 

This means we will work with clients on projects externally and also build projects internally. 

You choose how and when you work on Ocean Missions projects.

We are a remote first and globally accessible organisation.

How are rewards shared?

When data assets are published on Ocean Market you get to create new data tokens. These tokens unlock access to your data assets and can be shared in the same way as any Ethereum based digital asset. 

Rewards are distributed based on how many data tokens you own. If you own 10% of a data asset, you will receive 10% of the rewards. Learn more about the associated risks and rewards here.

Ocean Missions is proudly supported by Ocean DAO.