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Unlock valuable information from on-chain data

Blockchain applications like Uniswap produce lots of data. Because of the transparent nature of the blockchain, this data is open and can be accessed by anyone. 

Unlike a traditional bank or company, you can access the transaction data that’s driving the multi-trillion dollar blockchain industry.

You could analyse the history of every Uniswap transaction to calculate the 30d user retention, average revenue per user, customer lifetime value and more. All of this is unique to the blockchain industry.

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Blockchain data is really well structured making it easy to work with (once you learn to deconstruct it!) and it now appears that the industry is here to stay. 

Start working with blockchain data

Whether your interests lie in Crypto, NFTs, DeFi or something else we want to help you get comfortable working with on-chain data.

We’re developing a suite of tutorials with data scientists and educators to help you get hands on experience analysing and extracting valuable information from on-chain data.

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About Ocean Missions

Our goal is to grow a community of data scientists monetising insights from blockchain data. 

Check out our vision to create a blockchain analytics organisation which is owned by its members to find out more.