Powerful Dashboard Launches for RTFKT NFT Collectors

RTFKT NFT Collector Dashboard

On-chain insights can be incredibly valuable for NFT collectors as they tell you what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Every time an NFT changes hands, a transaction gets recorded on the blockchain. We’ve combined these on-chain events with Opensea activity to reveal powerful insights for RTFKT NFT collectors.

Dashboard Overview

All-time Trading History

NFT Collector Dashboard

The Dashboard shows all-time NFT trading history providing you with a big picture view of the collection since the minting date.

Daily Trading Activity

Daily NFT Trading Data

Get granular insights on the day’s trading activity including;

  • Offers
  • Collection Offers
  • Bids
  • New Listings
  • Transfers
  • Sales

Quantity Sold

Percentage of NFTs sold in collection

See how many NFTs within the collection have been sold one or more times.

NFT Activity

Trading Activity per NFT

You can drill down to the NFT level and see the bids, offers, listings, sales and transfers for each of the NFTs within the collection.

Data Filters

Most Sold NFTs in a Collection

Filter the data by most sold, highest number of bids, most listings and Gross Sales Value in ETH.

Monitor Whale Activity

Most active NFT Whales

You can see which addresses have the most listings, bids, offers, sales, purchases and more.

View the Dashboard

To view data on the Cryptokicks Skin Vial EVO X collection, just launch the dashboard app in your browser and copy and paste the below access code.


Access more RTFKT Data Packs

You can use the dashboard for the collections below by purchasing Data Packs.

  • RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS
  • CLONE X – X Takashi Murakami
  • RTFKT Capsule Space Drip
  • RTFKT Capsule Space Drip 1.2
  • RTFKT Creators
  • RTFKT X NIKE Monolith
  • RTFKT PodX
  • RTFKT Bonus Items

Data Packs can be purchased by submitting a purchase request. We will contact you with payment instructions and an access code to view the dashboard for your chosen collection(s).